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Enhancing PowerPoint 2013 slide shows

  • Slide show transitions
  • Adding a sound to an animation
  • Controlling the animation duration
  • Controlling the slide advancement
  • Applying an animation to all slides
  • Controlling slide show looping
  • Applying settings so that slides advance manually
  • Setting a slide show to use timings
  • Enabling or disabling slide show animations
  • Controlling a slide show

Custom slide shows

  • Creating custom slide shows
  • Running a custom slide show
  • Editing a custom slide show
  • Copying and deleting custom slide shows

Diagrams within PowerPoint 2013

  • Creating and formatting an organisation chart
  • Creating a cycle diagram
  • Changing the SmartArt style
  • Creating a pyramid diagram
  • Displaying the SmartArt text pane
  • Changing the pyramid shape layout
  • Applying a SmartStyle to a pyramid shape.

Charts in PowerPoint 2013

  • Customizing the chart title
  • Customizing the chart legend
  • Customizing chart axes labels
  • Changing chart type
  • Customizing chart gap and overlaps
  • Using images in chart columns or rows
  • Formatting the plot and chart area using graphics
  • Customizing axis scales

PowerPoint 2013 video and audio

  • Inserting a video and controlling playback
  • Changing the brightness and contrast of a video
  • Re-colouring a video
  • Adding a poster frame image to a video
  • Resetting a video
  • Applying a video style
  • Playing a video within a shape
  • Changing the colour and weight of a video border
  • Applying special effects to a video
  • Trimming a video
  • Video looping
  • Using audio

PowerPoint 2013 animation

  • Applying animation effects to text and graphics
  • Animation triggers
  • Using the animation painter
  • Creating custom animation effects
  • Modifying custom animation settings
  • Changing the custom animation sequence
  • Using custom animation to fade bulleted paragraphs
  • Animating chart columns by series
  • Animating SmartArt

Action buttons in PowerPoint 2013

  • Action buttons – linking to a different slide
  • Action buttons – linking to a specific slide
  • Action buttons – linking to a URL
  • Action buttons – linking to custom shows
  • Action buttons – linking to a different file

Linking and embedding within PowerPoint

  • Linking data into a slide and displaying the data as an icon object
  • Linking and updating objects
  • Breaking a link
  • Inserting a link to a picture file
  • Embedding data into a slide and displaying it as an object
  • Editing embedded data

Hyperlinks and PowerPoint 2013

  • Creating, editing and deleting hyperlinks

Merging, comparing & exporting within PowerPoint 2013

  • Merging slides from one presentation into another presentation
  • Merging a Microsoft Word outline into a presentation
  • Comparing presentations
  • Saving a slide as a separate graphics file
  • Using the screen shot feature

Sharing PowerPoint 2013 presentations

  • Marking as final
  • Permissions – encrypting with a password
  • Converting a presentation to a video
  • Packing a presentation for a cd
  • Saving as a pdf (adobe acrobat) format

PowerPoint 2013 presentation design & compatibility issues

  • Planning your presentation
  • Turn off your computer screen saver
  • Issues relating to presentation timing
  • Using graphics, diagrams and charts to convey ideas
  • Limiting the level of detail within a presentation
  • Using a consistent design scheme and adequate colour contrast
  • Accessibility considerations when designing a presentation
  • Using alt (alternative) text tags
  • The accessibility checker
  • The document inspector
  • The compatibility checker

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