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This WordPress course is designed to be run as a 2 day seminar

Advantages of using WordPress

  • WordPress is free
  • Easy to install
  • Easy-to-use
  • Impressive professional looking websites
  • Easy blog creation
  • Social media integration
  • Manage your own website
  • Easy customisation
  • Easy SEO
  • Free WordPress updates

Two types of WordPress

  • WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
  • Cpanel WordPress installation
  • Advantages and disadvantages of self-hosting vs. Cloud hosting
  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

Domain names & web hosting

  • Think about your domain name
  • Domain names and seo
  • Register variants of your website domain
  • Consider international versions of your domain name
  • Remember that your domain name needs to be periodically renewed
  • Domain names – consider longer registration periods

Planning your WordPress site

  • Think about your content prior to creating pages
  • Map out your page content prior to creating your website
  • Consider creating website content within a Microsoft Word document

Installing WordPress

  • Default web hosting pages
  • Using the cpanel to install WordPress
  • Customise your login and password

Instant WordPress

  • What is instant WordPress?

A first look at WordPress

  • Public vs. Admin WordPress views

Creating pages

  • Logging in to WordPress
  • Creating a new page
  • Entering a page title
  • Entering body text for a page
  • Pasting text from a Microsoft word document
  • The publish panel
  • Previewing a page
  • Bold text formatting
  • Italic text formatting
  • Text alignment formatting
  • Bullet and numbered list formatting
  • Text indenting
  • Text colour formatting
  • Heading formatting
  • Heading formatting and seo
  • Themes and headings
  • Block quote formatting
  • Distraction free writing mode
  • Using ‘paste as plain text’
  • Remove formatting icon
  • Insert custom character icon
  • Using the ‘view page’
  • Text vs. Visual tabs
  • Viewing pages using ‘all pages’
  • Option to edit a page – edit, quick edit, trash and view
  • Deleting a page
  • Restoring a deleted page from the trash bin
  • Quick edit
  • Default menu creation by WordPress

Advanced page options

  • Specifying a home page
  • Change the template used by the home page
  • Some templates do not display the widget area down the right side of the page

Images and WordPress

  • Logging in without using the ‘log in’ link in the meta widget section
  • Adding new media – pictures
  • Uploading images
  • Editing images
  • Alternative text for images and seo
  • Inserting an image into a page
  • Image ‘attachment details’
  • Resizing images using drag and drop
  • Using the ‘edit image’ icon to edit an image
  • Resizing an image using percentage resizing
  • Image alignment options
  • Applying alternative or ‘alt’ text to an image
  • Applying a picture caption
  • Adding a link to an image
  • Specifying an exact image height and width size
  • Specifying image border and spacing

Linking pages & posts

  • Removing a text hyperlink
  • Adding a hyperlink to text
  • Inserting text links to other websites
  • Creating links that open in a new window or a new tab
  • Image links
  • Inserting email links

YouTube videos

  • Inserting a YouTube video into a page
  • Getting the YouTube video embed code


  • Creating a new post
  • Entering a post title
  • Entering post text in the body area
  • Using ‘paste from word’ to copy text from Microsoft word to a past
  • Publishing a post
  • Viewing a list of your posts
  • Deleting a post
  • Deleted posts are moved to the trash bin and can be ‘un-deleted’
  • Editing existing posts
  • Inserting text hyperlinks into a post
  • Formatting text within posts
  • Differences between pages and posts
  • Creating a home page for posts
  • ‘recent posts’ widget display
  • Editing existing posts
  • Inserting an image into a post

Categories and tags

  • Viewing a list of posts and associated categories
  • The ‘uncategorised’ category
  • Creating a category
  • Slugs and seo
  • Assigning an existing post to a different category
  • Assigning a new post to a category when you create the post
  • Do not create too many categories
  • Tags
  • Assigning tags to posts
  • Adding a new tag

Using installed widgets

  • The widget area
  • Displaying installed widgets
  • Active widgets
  • Removing a widget
  • Adding an installed widget to the widget area
  • Displaying the ‘recent posts’ widget
  • The text widget
  • You can embed html code into the text widget
  • Use the ‘text’ tab to get html code for the text widget

Finding WordPress plugins

  • Viewing installed plugins
  • Deleting a plugin
  • Searching for new plugins
  • Checking out plugins

Short codes

  • What are shortcodes?

Contact form

  • Installing a contact form plugin
  • Configuring your contact form
  • Cattcha


  • Creating customised menus
  • Re-ordering menu items

Appearance customisation

  • Customising appearance options
  • Customising the header options
  • Custom background options – colours or images


  • Customising WordPress settings
  • Customising the site title and tagline
  • Customising your WordPress url
  • WordPress writing options
  • Setting the default category for new posts
  • Customising the WordPress update services
  • Customizing the WordPress reading options
  • Customising the front page to use a static page
  • Controlling search engine visibility
  • Customising WordPress discussion options to control comments
  • Customising media settings
  • Customising permalinks for better seo

WordPress themes

  • What are responsive themes?
  • Searching for new themes
  • Previewing themes
  • Installing a theme
  • Deleting themes

Installing premium themes

Using premium themes

  • Installing a premium theme
  • Activating a premium theme
  • Custom theme options

How to back up your website

  • Installing a backup plugin
  • Configuring the backup plugin

Updating WordPress

  • Keeping WordPress up to date
  • Updating WordPress

Page templates

  • What are page templates?

WordPress and folders

  • Why use sub-folders?
  • Parent pages and folders

Moving a WordPress website

  • Checking your website’s uptime
  • Moving isps

Converting a non-WordPress website to a WordPress website

  • Backup and download your existing website
  • Recycle file names
  • Replicating page content
  • File name extensions
  • Maintaining existing folder structure


  • What is ftp?
  • Installing an ftp program


  • Installing a slider plugin
  • Uploading images for the slider
  • Reordering your slider images
  • Using short codes
  • Slider image file sizes

Social media sharing

  • Installing the addthis plugin for social media sharing

Mobile phones & WordPress

  • Using responsive themes
  • Installing the wptouch plugin for mobile phone website display

Comment spam

  • Comment spam
  • Activating the akismet plugin
  • Disabling comments using a plugin

Embedding a google map

  • Embedding a google map into a page or post
  • Embedding a google map into the sidebar widget area
  • Google maps widget


  • Onsite vs. Offsite seo
  • Installing an seo plugin
  • Using an seo plugin

Html sitemaps vs. Xml sitemaps

  • Two types of sitemaps
  • What is an html sitemap?
  • Premium themes and html sitemap template pages
  • Using html sitemap plugins
  • What is an xml sitemap?
  • Installing the google xml site map plugin

Broken link checker

  • Installing a checker for broken links

Website page loading speeds

  • Google webmaster tools & loading speeds
  • Using gzip to make your website faster
  • Wp smush.it


  • Tablepress plugin

Pricing tables

  • Easy pricing tables

Tabs and accordions

Drop shadow boxes for text & pictures


Inserting document download links

  • Issues with uploading large document files
  • How to upload a word document, pdf document or zip file

Shortcodes & formatting

  • Shortcodes ultimate
  • Olevmedia shortcodes

Font formatting – size & colour

Photo resizing & cropping

Low cost custom graphics & videos

  • Check out fiverr.com

Free graphics, pictures & photographs

  • Stay legal!

Rounded image corners

  • Gimp – free graphics program


  • Using the gallery plugin

Featured images

  • What are featured images?
  • How to attach a featured image

Buttons & icons

  • Creating custom buttons


  • What is a favicon?
  • Using a plugin to create a favicon

Searching your website

  • Using the standard search widget
  • Improving the WordPress search utility

Increase your website security

  • The ithemes plugin

Checking your theme

WordPress keyboard shortcuts

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